Isabel Sánchez H.

Isabel Sánchez H.

Writer and Artist

I am Isabel Sánchez H., writer, artist and teacher. I was born in Avila in 1988 and grew up in the beautiful El Barco de Ávila village (Spain). I studied English Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid and the Master’s Training Teacher at UDIMA. After the wonderful experience of British landsRead more

The capital

Madrid, playing with your "deck of cards" is mandatory, Although this time I have brought you new...

Port of Air

Being it the gate of goodbyes and reunions, It is for me a desert I get into; Today, I feel no...

Oil Painting Antique Vase

Link to oil painting Antique Vase    ...


Thank you for checking my poem about Cambridge. Unfortunately, this poem was a challenge to me in...

Blue Rose in Diario-ABC

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Isabel Sánchez H.

"Cazadora de un resplandor etéreo. Vuela."