An Icy Inferno

Just as a flame which ignites, grows and spreads – thus are born, and thus is born poetry; and through the struggle and the desire to overcome the difficulties that present themselves in the various stages of life, we achieve personal enrichment. The rain helps us resurrect from the ashes with a greater serenity in the face of inevitable uncertainty. – Isabel Sanchez H.

Isabel Sanchez H., born in Avila, Spain in 1988, encounters an inevitable fount of inspiration in travels. She currently resides in Texas, where she works as a teacher.

She discovered poetry at the age of 9 as a form of expressing anxieties and emotions. This idyll has matured throughout the years, and be continued to be faithful, valiant, and honest companion.

In the verses of An Icy Inferno, her emotions find their voice.

[Translation by Becca Neel]

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Isabel Sánchez H.

"Cazadora de un resplandor etéreo. Vuela."