So far you stay, sad paradise!
I yearn for you and I mourn you… So far!
And you reproach me “How far you went!”,
And then ask “When will you come back?”

From afar I watch you, hectic paradise,
Swimming in a sea of ​​rejection and resentment.
From afar I watch you sob quietly
While you are sectioned out of hatred or fear.

So far you stay, in time and distance,
Ancient paradise, beautiful and peculiar!
Scorned paradise, hostage of a mafia
That, at your expense, rises without letting you talk.

They ignore you, they humiliate your children and grandchildren
(They ignorant, who shoot themselves
in their foot! Ignorant them!)
And you, wretched, you crouch and you shrink.

Beautiful paradise, you have a thousand pretty things;
Ancient paradise, you have a thousand old stories;
Paradise made of puzzles,
Paradise worn by weak memory.

I long for your light, your scent, your ambient,
your flavors, your narrow streets,
the commotion,people in the streets,
your strong castles, your tall churches.

A sad paradise, a broken paradise,
a censored homeland, a worn paradise.


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