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Blue Rose is a drama in verse. It tells the tragedy of Celestia, a blue rose that was born of the tears of the Moon, and Jordan, a Don Juan gardener who is infatuated with her. In parallel, the Moon lives its particular idyll with the Sun, which enervates the jealous and vengeful Sea.
Submerge yourself into this book in which the natural elements unleash their passions in the most human way.

Isabel Sánchez H., born in Ávila, Spain in 1988, finds in her travels an inevitable source of inspiration. She currently resides in Texas, where she works as a teacher.

She discovered poetry at the age of 9 as a form of expressing anxieties and emotions. This idyll has matured throughout the years, and continues to be faithful, valiant, and an honest companion.

Blue Rose tells a simple and eternal story through elaborate verses.

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Isabel Sánchez H.

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