It was a bittersweet reunion:

sour rain first,

mist of uncertainty

then, and eventually sailor sun.

Special mission: pains

and forts of mint,

and little colorful houses,

and steep roads

and bays and markets,

and Muir Woods, Sausalito,

and vintage trolleys,

Shanghai in a little corner,

and waving hills

and the Pacific floating,

and behind the gold entrance,

the red bridge hanging.

Special Mission: we cross

that immense way.

We walk, we walk,

The bay awaits us!

As colonists we trail

the steps of Portolá

across the bay of the Saint.

For gold fever we get!

And the foundations, trembled,

of the populated city,

which caused a fire

and debris left behind.

But like the phoenix, the saint

from his ashes arose

and “of Love“ the summer

left there his heart.

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