Alcohol. Bets. Sin.

Welcome to the capital of hell!

Glamour, weddings, paradise!

Welcome to its antonym, heaven!

In the snow, Armijo found, walking

springs and vegetable lanes,

an oasis, sweet discovery!, in the desert,

fountain of crystalline water in that density.

Everything and nothing happens in this limbo,

tall, sumptuous and surprising,

varied, cheerful and excessive.

The echo of voice of myths

resounds, between pieces and coins,

under replicas of collections of countries,

over tablecloths of delicacy embroidered in silk.

The show glitters in fountains,

in the streets, on the stages,

like the crescent moon, produced

in November by bees, glitters.


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Isabel Sánchez H.

"Cazadora de un resplandor etéreo. Vuela."