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Isabel Sánchez fell in love with literature when she was only 7 years old; at that age, her aunts gave her a poetry book that she quickly memorized and loved as if it was the best present that could ever get. Since then, she started to write her own poems and developed her literary skills in an auto-didactic way. Thus, combining her writing career with teaching, she shaped An Icy Inferno (2015), a selection of poems based on a fictional biography. Two years later, she publishes Blue Rose, a drama in verse where the author shows once more her fineness and her elegance.

Blue Rose is build around an old legend: the impossible love between the Sun and the Moon. Having seen each other during an eclipse, they both fall in love, aware that they will never be able to be thoroughly together; That is how fate has set it. Nevertheless, behind those well-known profiles since ancient times, the book hides interesting twists and new characters who have a great deal to say.

Along with the Moon and the Sun, Isabel Sánchez introduces an antagonistic Sea, who is jealous because the moon chooses the Sun instead of him, and decides to avenge such rejection. At this point, Celestia, the blue rose – born of Moon tears – and Jordan the gardener come in; not to mention the messenger and confidant of the king of stars: the Wind.  Every character is different from each other in personality and language; they have their own particular way to express themselves and feel.

In this way, a humanization of natural elements takes place; they don’t just shape the the landscape in the story, but they become the unquestionable protagonists. They are not anymore an external and decorative element that can, to a greater or lesser extent, interact with the characters; they are now the whole and they also bring with them feelings, thoughts, reactions and wishes that humans have.

Jordan has some sort of ghostly life: little is known of him; he wanders around without more memory or thought than his interest: flowers, that is to say ,women. He is a gardener (a rogue) and his job seems to be the only thing that makes the strings of his lonely heart vibrate. Sunk in his tasks (conquests), he wonders if flowers suffer when cut, he treats them carefully while he admires their beauty and perfection.  Rosa is a warm and naive little girl waking up in the world; soon, she will be fooled by Jordan’s fleeting love. The Sea, on his behalf, is moved by the Moon’s spirit and feelings. He is capricious, the untamed force that sweeps passions along.

Isabel Sánchez features sublime poetry in the tone of a Shakespearean drama through  Blue Rose. As the protagonists of  Don Juan tenorio or Romeo and Juliet, it portraits youth love, primary drives (passion, selfishness) rule over any other law. Thus we find Jordan, a flirt who realizes the harm caused to his loved one and wants to redeem himself. However, in this case and like it happens in Shakespeare tragedies, mistake come with a price, an adverse element, represented by the Sea.

Destiny determines the lives of the main characters, who seem to be tied to this tragegy since birth, whether due to their mistakes, their virtues, the intrinsic pain or the unbeatable fate. Jordan is an anti-hero who, although he wants to step back and mend the damage caused, he is on the way to downfall. Children pay sins and mistakes (if love is such) of their ancestors; that is to say,  they are doomed young lovers.

The author uses such ancient story like that of the Sun and the Moon, but introduces other characters like the Sea, the Wind, the Clouds and, moreover Jordan, to give it its own hallmark and interpretation. Therefore ,no matter how much we know about this old legend, brings about the feeling of rediscovery, of reading it for the first time. And achieving that is not an easy task.

Even Blue Rose is over before one knows it, since it is so pleasant and beautiful that one would love to enjoy one verse after another for a longer period of time. Each page is a dazzling sweet melody that moves one forward, like if that messenger-wind of the story is moving the reader. One would want to travel to the shore and prevent that the Sea carries out his plan; at the same time, we feel compassion for those waters who will not experience total love. Just as the Moon and the Sun look forward to the next eclipse, we cannot wait to read Isabel Sánchez ‘s next published work.

  • Name: Isabel Sánchez H.
  • Genre: poetry, drama in verse.
  • Bio: she was born in Ávila in 1988 and grew up in the picturesque town called  El Barco de Ávila (Spain). She studied English Language Arts at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Master’s Degree on Teaching and Education at UDIMA. After a very positive experience teaching Spanish  in Isle of Wight (United Kingdom), she traveled to Texas (United States) to work as a bilingual teacher. There she met her husband, Matt. When she was 7, her aunts gave her her first book of poetry,  that she learned by heart and recited all the time. When she was 9, they decided to gave her a blank journal so she started to create her own verses. From that moment, poetry became her way to express feelings and concerns.  An Icy Inferno (2015) constitutes the first selection among more than 4000 poems that are waiting in a trunk to be chosen, and is a lyric route throughout the different stages of a fictional biography and an emotional exploration of its contradictions. Her painting  Apocalypse of Dreams, cover of An Icy Inferno, completes the final poem, under the same title. Her second book, Blue Rose (2017), consists of a drama in verse. It tells the story of Celestia, a blue rose who was born of Moon tears, and Jordán, a Don Juan gardener who sets his mind on her. In parallel, the Moon lives her own romance with the Sun, what enervates the jealous and vindictive Sea. In this work, natural elements unleash their passions in the most human way. Blue Rose tells a simple and eternal story through elaborate verses. In addition, Isabel Sánchez H. is the illustrator of the book.
  • Author’s blog: www.isabelsanchezh.org

Book: Blue Rose

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