It was a Saturday, 8th of September of 2018 (long time ago…yes). The presentation of my book Blue Rose took place at the Midland Centennial Library (Midland, Texas) thanks to the opportunity granted by my dear friends from the International Literature Club in Spanish (Club Internacional de Literatura en Español (CILEE).

We had high hopes for the event and put in much effort and time to rehearse, and it was worth it.

Since Blue Rose is a narrative poem with dramatic elements, we decided to display an entertaining performance of the first part of the work. Thus, those brave English-speakers that attended had a better chance to follow the plot and get involved in the event.

Delores Ramírez was so kind as to be our interpreter in crucial moments. Danny Barrera (DRB Media Communications) filmed the story and Martín González Cuatianquis took photos of the key moments. Dube Mauricio began the presentations. Thank you all for having made this possible.

Presenting Blue Rose at Midland Centennial Library. Photography by Martín González Cuatianquis

I must confess that I was nervous and that I am pretty shy, but when I start talking and I see smiles and engagement in the audience, I sweep my shyness under the rug and really enjoy sharing with all of you those verses that had been only mine for so long (well…not exactly mine: some of you have endured reading my drafts patiently for a while). Thank you very much for attending and for being a wonderful audience.

For those who don´t know the book, Blue Rose is a narrative poem that begins with the impossible love story between the Sun and the Moon. A Moon tear fell on a white rose which, covered with that magic and mystery, became blue. Celestia grew up in a rose bush until, one day, a gardener called Jordan made his way into her life and changed its course.  Click on this link to see the Booktrailer of Blue Rose (Music composed by Víctor de San Martín).

I would also like to thank the elegant Moon (Martha Meraz), the imposing Sun (Antonio Erazo), the delicate Celestia (Mariana Erazo), the unpredictable Wind (Elvira Natividad), the proud Sea (Alicia Magaña) and the ¨Don Juan¨ Jordan (Arnol Tavarez), for helping me recreate the story; and to thank Soelí Franzon and Sara Jiménez for their ¨behind-the-scenes¨ assistance.

With Alicia, the Sea. Photography by Martín González Cuatianquis

Mariana playing  Celestia. Photography by Martín González Cuatianquis

Readers waiting to get their book signed. Photography by Martín González Cuatianquis

Signing copies. Photography by Martín González Cuatianquis

Elvira playing the Wind. Photography by Martín González Cuatianquis

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