On October 11, 2018, the 7th Annual Art Exhibition Gala took place at Dee Bistro and Grill, in Odessa, Texas. It was organized by the Odessa Hispanic Art Association, founded by  Martín González Cuatianquis and Liliana Marquez Renteria in 2011, with the purpose of displaying artworks by different artists and supporting local talent, collaborating with other groups and associations.


Program of the Event

Martín was so kind as to invite me to participate in this gala. There I could display my first miscellaneous exhibition: my first experiments with oils and watercolors in addition to 3 paintings from my ´Blue Rose´ collection and the first of my ´Portraits of the Soul´ series. 

Pintura en óleo de la Luna llorando

Moon Face

Serie Retratos del Alma, Cuadro I, Autorretrato

Portraits of the Soul I, Isabel

I also had the chance to sign copies of my two poetry books published until now: An Icy Inferno and Blue Rose.

Collection in solitude, prior to the bustle



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