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I am Isabel Sánchez H., writer, artist and teacher.

I was born in Ávila in 1988 and grew up in a beautiful town called El Barco de Ávila (Spain). I studied English Philology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Master’s Degree in Teaching and Education at UDIMA. After a wonderful experience in the United Kingdom, fate brought me to Texas, where I met my husband, Matt.

At the age of 7, my aunts gave me my first poetry book, which I memorized immediately and recited all the time. When I was 9, my aunts decided to give me a journal with blank pages, so that I would be the creator of my own verses. That was the beginning: since then, my entire biography is detailed in verse and prose: An Icy Inferno (2015) is the first selection of more than 4000 poems waiting to be chosen, and is a lyrical tour through the different stages of a fictional biography and an emotional exploration of their contradictions. The painting “Apocalypse of Dreams“, the cover of An Icy Inferno, completes the final poem under the same title. Presentation in the Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento of El Barco de Ávila on July 30, 2015, and in Midland Centennial Library in November, 2015.

My first script, “Wanted” (2015) consists of a bilingual short film that denounces the excessive cult of cosmetics and the negative effect it exerts on self-esteem.

My second poetry book, Blue Rose (2017) is a dramatic poem that tells the legend of Celestia, a blue rose who was born from a Moon tear, and Jordán, a Don Juan who set his mind on her. At the same time, the Moon and the Sun have their particular affair, which irritates the vengeful sea. Book Reading at Midland Centennial Library in September, 2018 and Book sign at the 7th Annual Art Exhibition Gala of the Odessa Hispanic Art Association on October, 2018.

Among some of my upcoming projects are the English edition of An Icy Inferno  , Echoes of the Phantom, and a novel on the way.

Every week I post on my blog a geographic verse about the places I visit (I paused the blog for a couple of months due to my wedding, and lately I’ve been preparing a special poem that is taking me a little bit longer, but I am looking forward to posting weekly).


As for painting, I am self-taught like my father, José Antonio Sánchez, although I am currently developing and polishing some techniques. This is an experimental stage for me, playing with a variety of themes, techniques and materials, focusing mostly on developing images based on my books.

My passion for music, travel, teaching, and of course, reading, is intimately linked to writing and painting.

Artistic Declaration

Portraits of the Soul I Isabel

           Portraits of the Soul I Isabel

I am self-taught: from a very young age I showed artistic inquisitiveness and over the years, I was gaining fluidity and security. This stage of my art is characterized by experimentation and self-discovery: my pencil and charcoal portraits have a realistic style; however, for the rest of my works, I choose varied themes and mixed techniques, with a preference for warm colors and soft strokes.

I have just created the prototype of a series of customized portraits, ‘Portraits of the Soul‘.

Why do I paint? Because it is for me an irrepressible impulse that relaxes me, frees me and completes the puzzle of my biography. All around is a source of inspiration. While my portraits seek to achieve a greater degree of realism, I find space in other works for the symbolism of my poetry.

How do others describe my work? They highlight my versatility, attention to detail and speed.

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