José Antonio Sánchez

José Antonio Sánchez is a Spanish artist who was born in Talarrubias (Badajoz) in 1961, and moved to Madrid with his family when he was seven. In 1984, he married Mª Isabel Hernández, and they moved to  El Barco de Ávila (Ávila). They have two children, Isabel and Carlos.

José Antonio is self-taught. He has an overflowing creativity and a very peculiar style within the surrealist genre.

His brushstrokes are delicate and meticulous. He usually chooses cold and matte colors with light shines, both for his miniatures and for his paintings. His mastery of perspective is striking, in addition to the originality of his compositions, in which semi-asphalted skies and dry trees are recurrent(“Dry, but with a story”, according to his own words).

His art has been maturing throughout his life: until he was thirty, he opted for watercolor. Later, he decided to experiment with oil, which is undoubtedly his favorite material. At present, for practical rather than romantic reasons, he is working with acrylics.

Regarding his miniatures, made with disposable and recyclable materials, they have an amazing degree of perfection.

When he was fourteen years old, he bought the mockup kit of an airplane, to assemble and paint. José Antonio assembled the plane, painted it and decided to dry it in the sun before going to school. Much to his surprise, on returning to his plane, the sun had melted a wing! Then he decided to create a wing himself with cardboard, wire and parts of an electrical circuit. When incorporating it to the rest of the plane, he realized that his wing was better than the other and that any material could be used for the purpose. From there, he decided to start making his own models.

In his first stage he made exhibitions of different parts of the Spanish geography (Badajoz, Madrid, Ávila, Barcelona, ​​Salamanca) although in the recent years, he has opted for a more intimate expression of his painting. If there is something that Jose Antonio finds hard is to get rid of his paintings, although it is easier to say goodbye to the illustrations.

For this shy genius, “art is enjoying the beauty of the world”. When I ask him: “Why do you paint?”, He answers bluntly: “Because I need it. If I do not make brushstrokes in a couple of days, I die. “

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Isabel Sánchez H.

"Cazadora de un resplandor etéreo. Vuela."